The hill of Kourion, on which the Acropolis of the ancient city-kingdom developed, occupies a dominant position on the coast 4 km southwest of the village of Episkopi. Kourion was an important city-kingdom in antiquity and it is considered one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Cyprus. An amazing theater was built in the 2nd century BC but what has preserved today dates to the Roman period with 2nd and 3rd century A.D. additions and restorations. In the curved auditorium, the spectators’ seating area accommodates around 3500 people.

The ancient amphitheater has been restored and is used for musical and theatrical performances. Some other archaeological monuments at the site are the sanctuary of Apollon Hylates, the Agora, the House of Achilles, the House of the Gladiators, the Baths and the Complex of Eustolios, the Early Christian Basilica, the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, the Stadium, the Small Basilica and the Coast Basilica.